Getting Help With Fire Damage in Clifton Park


There is that sigh of relief when a fire is successfully fought, and the home or business building is saved. But, the battle is not won yet. In the process of fighting a serious fire, there will be water damage, smoke damage, and the actual fire damage. Before the building can be used again, these damages must be dealt with. The water must be removed, the damaged building materials must be removed, and then the damage must be repaired. Fire damage services in Clifton Park are available to deal with those types of issues.

Fire Damage Control

Fire damage is controlled by stopping the fire and securing the building. Once the building is secure, steps must be taken to limit the smoke and water damage. Smoke and water continue to damage the property until they are removed. The more quickly a fire remediation service is started, the more the damage will be limited. Securing the damaged building is the first step. Holes in the roof and walls must be patched. Broken doors and windows must be covered. Damaged electrical, heating, and plumbing equipment must be dealt with to avoid further damage to the building.

What is Involved in Fire Restoration?

Successful fire restoration involves many steps. The building must first be secured and made weatherproof. Next, the water and smoke must be removed. Then, the damage must be assessed and a remediation plan developed. All electrical, heating, plumbing equipment, and lines must be secured. Now the damaged building materials, furniture, and other belongings must be removed. The savable belongings may need to be packed out to another location for repair, cleaning, and storage.

The building will need to be dried out and cleaned. The damage to the structure and finishes will need to be repaired. Fire damage repair services in Clifton Park must clean ducts, dry and air out the structure, treat mold infestations and prevent more mold from developing, sanitize the building with anti-bacterial chemicals, and get rid of the smoke smell and staining. Electrical wiring and plumbing lines may need repair. Furnaces and air conditioning equipment may need repairs, cleaning, or replacement.

Once structural and water damage are under control, building finishes such as flooring, wallboard, and window treatments may need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Finally, the savable belongings can be returned, and the structure can be used again. Visit the website for more fire damage information.