Get the Antique Decor Your Want on the Cheap in Ann Arbor, MI

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While modern, minimalist décor decorates the pages of design magazines, too often, this style seems more appropriate to an office, not a home. Those who prefer a warmer, cozier feeling often go with shabby chic, rustic and Old World style. Fortunately, thrift shop antiques for sale Ann Arbor MI, can make this an affordable reality.

With just a little bit of skill, anyone can easily transform an old piece of furniture into something stylish. But, it’s important to choose only quality pieces, made of solid wood. Once you get your antique furniture home, clean it thoroughly.

Depending on your style, you can approach refinishing your “new to you” furnishings in several ways. For example, if you’re going for a farmhouse or shabby chic look, you could give wood a coating of whitewash.

On the other hand, rustic and Old World styles require natural shades of wood. There is no need to strip the old finish off, it can simply be refreshed with wood-tinted paste wax, steel wool, and lemon oil. Rub a generous amount of paste wax deep into the wood with very fine steel wool. Let it soak in. Next, rub off the excess paste wax with a liberal amount of lemon oil. Finally, go over it with furniture wax.

Finish decorating with clean, modern fabrics for a look that’s both old-school and fresh. A few thoughtful choices can thoroughly transform your home, on the cheap.

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