Get a Fair CHance in Court With a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon, WA

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The justice system in this country is not perfect. Sometimes mistakes are made. When it comes time to go to court and stand before a judge, it’s in the defendant’s best interest to make sure mistakes are not made. Individuals facing criminal charges have every right to a fair trial, and proper representation during that trial. When an individual is arrested, they have the right to a public defender. If they choose to forgo a public defender, they can either defend themselves in court or hire their own attorney. In most cases, it is not advised that defendants represent themselves in court. Because most people don’t understand the legal process, it can be difficult to build and present a case. That’s where a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon WA, comes in.

The first thing a criminal defense attorney in Mount Vernon, will explain is the burden of proof. A defendant is innocent until proven guilty. This means the prosecution has to prove the defendant is guilty or there will not be a conviction. The burden of proving guilt is on the prosecution. In most cases the defense will build a case the disproves the evidence the prosecution has presented. This is how most cases are dismissed: through a lack of evidence. The defendant may speak on their own behalf, but in most cases this is not the best course of action. If the defense cannot discredit the evidence being presented, a new defense must be built.

Individuals facing criminal charges should hire an attorney as quickly as possible. Building a case takes time, and the earlier a lawyer is hired the more time they will have to build a strong defense. There is no guarantee a case will be dismissed, but with a lawyer defendants have a better chance. Lawyers such as those found at the Howson Law Office can help a defendant evaluate their case and determine the best possible defense. In some cases the best possible course of action is to try to cut a deal. No matter what, it’s important the defendant listen to the attorney and do their best to help build as strong a case as possible.

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