Avoid the Damage: Call a Termite Control Company in San Diego

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Pest Control

Termites may be tiny, but their very name can strike fear into the heart of any homeowner. These destructive pests can enter a home at any point, either directly into the home itself or through cabinets or furnishings brought into the house.

Their most active time of the year is typically spring, but this does not mean they take vacations the rest of the year. The scary fact is that once they are in a home, they are causing havoc 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

Unfortunately, most termites are not discovered until they have already caused substantial damages. This is because there are often few outside signs available. When the most obvious sign, a swarm of flying insects, is discovered, they may have already been established in the home for several years.

The best way to find a termite infestation early is to contact a termite control company in San Diego for an inspection. They can search your home inside and out to see if any signs of termites are discovered. If they are found, the treatment to eradicate them can begin immediately.

How long the eradication process will take and how often you should call your Termite Control Company in San Diego will depend on the severity of the infestation as well as the outside conditions around your home which could lead to a future infestation. The pest control company will be able to provide you all of the information you need regarding these concerns.

Another issue which may be present, particularly if the termites have established a large colony, is damage to the home. Contacting a contractor to provide an estimate for the repair should be done as soon as the termites are discovered. This will ensure the work is done quickly, before additional damage from weather or wear can occur.

In some instances, pest control companies will even offer these repair services, often using termite-proof materials to replace any damaged materials in the home. This can often be a less expensive way to have the repairs performed because the pest control service will have already assessed the damage and can provide a single estimate for all of the services.

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