Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Shoe Repair In Chicago IL


If you have a favorite pair of shoes but they’re falling apart, contact a company that specializes in Men’s Shoe Repair in Chicago IL. When an experienced cobbler repairs your shoes, you’ll get more wear out of them and they’ll last longer. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about professional shoe repair.

Q.) What types of repairs can be done on a pair of shoes for men?

A.) Various parts of a shoe can be repaired or replaced including the sole, heel, heel pad and the back of the shoe.

Q.) Is there a way to determine when a pair of shoes should be repaired?

A.) The heel of a shoe is often the first thing that will need to be replaced due to wear. You should have the heels replaced if they have uneven wear and if they’ve flattened out at the sides. Not only do worn heels make your shoes look unattractive, but your shoes may be painful to wear and this can cause blisters on your feet. If the soles of your shoes have a hole in them, it’s time to get the soles replaced. If your soles look worn or if they have a circular pattern on the bottom, press your thumb into the soles to check for weakness. If you can press the soles inward with your thumb, they need to be replaced.

Q.) Is it better to repair a pair of shoes or buy new ones?

A.) This all depends on how well you like the shoes and the cost of buying a new pair. If you have a pair of shoes that are worn out, you can expect to pay about half the price of a new pair to get them fixed. When you have your shoes repaired by a professional who specializes in Mens Shoe Repair in Chicago IL, only the highest quality materials will be used and you’ll be able to wear your favorite shoes again.

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