Finding A Cure For Hemorrhoids

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If you have hemorrhoids, you are certain to be wishing that someone somewhere is working hard on finding a cure for this condition. Essentially, there is no actual cure, but there are methods that can ease and remove the pain. There are means to help you to prevent them from happening. However, there are also surgical and non-surgical methods that can act as a cure for already existing hemorrhoids.

Preventive Actions

The best way to cure hemorrhoids is to prevent them. To accomplish this, you need to keep your stools soft so they pass easily. To prevent hemorrhoids and reduce symptoms of hemorrhoids, follow these tips:

* Changes in lifestyle: It is important, if you want to treat internal hemorrhoids and avoid further problems, to alter your current lifestyle. In many instances, this means abandoning a mainly sedentary life for a more active one. Consider the benefits of exercise. If you do not like the gym concept, maybe yoga, jazzercise, or Zumba will have greater appeal as long as it means keeping your weight under control. Obese individuals have greater instances of developing painful hemorrhoids.
* Altering diet: If you strain or become constipated, chances are your diet is lacking in the basic ingredients to produce a healthy bowel movement. To overcome this, you need to add roughage (also known as fiber) to your diet. Also, eat foods that have a higher content, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, increase your intake of water. Drinking more fluids helps to wash the fiber down and make the stool softer. This lets it pass easier, preventing straining. As a result, it decreases the chance of irritating current hemorrhoids and increases the chances of preventing such problems.

Curing Existing Hemorrhoids

There currently are several ways of treating existing hemorrhoids. They all involve removal of the existing tissue or using some other method to starve the hemorrhoids from their source of nourishment. The methods used can be divided into surgical and non-surgical, which are either invasive or noninvasive. The most commonly known and employed are:

* Rubber Band Ligation: As the name indicates, the medical procedure involves the use of rubber bands, placing two around the manifestation of the hemorrhoid to create a litigation.
Sclerotherapy (Injection). An injection of specific fluid promotes shrinking of the hemorrhoid.
* Hemorrhoidectomy: This traditional surgical procedure involves incising out the hemorrhoidal tissue as well as the related blood vessels. A modern variation is the Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy. This employs staples to fasten the tissue to the appropriate position.
* Infrared Coagulation Hemorrhoid Cure (IRC): This is a newer hemorrhoid cure that is made possible thanks to modern technology. It uses a pulsing infrared light to prevent more blood from reaching the hemorrhoidal tissue.

Finding a Cure for Hemorrhoids

Although there is no permanent cure for hemorrhoids, you can still prevent them. You can also take measures to remove the existing ones if the circumstances warrant it. However, consult a medical professional before you take action. He or she can help you make an informed decision on what procedure will likely prove to be the most effective in your case.

If you wonder if anyone has found a permanent cure for hemorrhoids, the answer is no, but you can find relief and the best hemorrhoid treatments available at Chicago Hemorrhoid. We can assess the situation, list your options, and provide you with advice.