Forget the Shaving Kits: 5 Fun and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him


It can be difficult to shop for the guys in your life. However, they’re probably tired of shaving kits and grilling aprons. If you’re looking for men’s Christmas gifts with a bit more “pop,” here are just a few ideas.

  1. Luxury Food
    Expensive food is the kind of thing that most men won’t buy on their own, but they’ll appreciate it when it’s a gift. For example, they might like high-end seasonings for their steaks or a bottle of expensive alcohol to keep in their home office.
  2. Travel Thermos
    This is the upgraded version of a novelty mug. It’s perfect for friends or co-workers that you might not know well, but you can still make a splash with a funny picture or witty saying.
  3. Swords
    You don’t have to be a samurai to appreciate full tang swords in gorgeous sheaths. Not only are they awesome collector’s items, but they can also be used as a self-defense weapon in the right hands!
  4. Portable Chargers
    Everyone could use an extra charger. As a bonus, they’re available in just about every color, size and shape that you can imagine, so you can pick one that speaks to your friend’s personal tastes or hobbies.
  5. Experiences
    If you really want to splurge, give him something like concert tickets or a sky-diving lesson. Experiences can make even better gifts than tangible objects, especially if you’re going with him!

Whether you’re shopping for a dad, brother, boyfriend or boss, you’ll want to put something under the tree that he can truly appreciate. Hit up Blade City if you need more gift ideas. They carry everything from tactical gauntlets to full tang swords, so you’re sure to get some inspiration for the holiday season.