Depression Warning Signs and Options for Adolescent Therapy in Minneapolis


Many parents struggle with the idea that their teenager may be suffering from depression. The teenage years are a volatile time, so it’s important to be able to recognize any significant changes in a teen’s behavior and demeanor.

If you are unsure if your teen is depressed or unaware of any programs specific to adolescent therapy in Minneapolis, here are a few points to consider.

Is It More Than Moodiness?

It can be difficult to determine if a teen is simply having a bad day or if there’s something more under the surface. The signs that it may be more than moodiness include withdrawal, sudden loss of interest in activities, family and friends, poor academic performance, and changes in sleep pattern and appetite. Keep in mind that these symptoms can come and go at specific periods of time or occur mildly over a span of years.

When to Get Involved

It’s important to get involved as soon as you suspect your teen may be suffering from depression. Depression can have long-term effects such as continued poor academic performance, trouble concentrating, as well as low self-esteem. Falling behind in school, in particular, can have a negative effect on a teen’s confidence and self-image.

Treatment Options

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common method of treatment used by health care professionals. It is used to help teens cope with negative thought patterns associated with mood disorders and to recognize those patterns and develop new ways to think outside of them. In some cases, depending on the child’s age, the parents may also need be educated on similar techniques in order to support younger teens.

If you believe your teen may be suffering from depression, there are resources available to assist you and your child. Act now to get in touch with someone about your options for adolescent therapy in Minneapolis. Go to Options Family & Behavior Services to learn more.