Follow These Tips Before Signing Your Office Lease In Newnan


If this is your first time leasing office space, you may not know some of the things to look for before you sign the agreement. Before you write your name on an Office Lease in Newnan, use these tips to help you avoid any problems.

Usable Square Footage

Find out the usable square footage of the office space. Sometimes the square footage and the actual amount of space that’s usable are two different things. You don’t want to lease an office space only to find out later that it’s too small. If necessary, use a tape measure to measure your office furniture and the actual space in the office so you’ll know if you have enough room. Don’t forget to consider business growth and possibly needing a larger space in the future. Although a larger space will be more expensive, it’s not very cost effective to move in a few months because you’ve outgrown your current space.

Availability Date

Ask the property manager for a specific date that you can move into the office space. Don’t assume that the space will be ready when you need to move in. Make sure the property manager writes the office availability date on the lease. This will prevent any confusion if the building isn’t ready on moving day.

Heating and Cooling

Before signing the lease, inquire about the heating and cooling costs in the office space. Find out if the cost is included in the lease payment or if you have to pay it yourself. If you are responsible for the heat and air, ask what the average cost is per month so you can factor this amount into your monthly budget.

Building Repairs

Find out beforehand if you are responsible for any repairs or maintenance issues. If the toilet stops up, will you be responsible for calling a repairman and footing the bill? Make sure that you know exactly what your responsibilities are before signing an Office Lease in Newnan. This way, you won’t have any surprises if something unexpected occurs.

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