Finding an Estate Planning Lawyer in Newnan, GA

Law Firms

Many Americans put off writing a will, a health care proxy or power of attorney, a trust, or maximizing your loved ones’ inheritances by reducing taxes, despite their importance. You shouldn’t leave estate preparation to chance. Taking care of these chores reduces family stress and legal disputes if you become disabled or die. An estate planning lawyer in Newnan, GA, can help you avoid mistakes and alter your arrangements when circumstances and regulations change.

Look for a Specialist

Identify your estate plan goals. This will help you choose an estate planning lawyer in Newnan GA. Most individuals will want a lawyer to prepare a will, powers of attorney, and basic trusts. Some cases require specialists.

You may require an elder law specialist if you’re concerned about Medicaid or long-term care. Having financial interests abroad may necessitate an international estate planning counsel. If your needs span many jurisdictions or states, look for licensed lawyers there.

Understand Their Fees

When hiring an attorney, price is important. Find a lawyer with fees you can afford. Some attorneys give a free consultation. Some give a free consultation for the first hour, then charge. Before the first meeting, learn each attorney’s policies.

The costs of preparing an estate plan might also differ. Some lawyers charge a fixed fee, others by the hour. In most cases, flat rates cover everything needed to complete the estate planning paperwork. Hourly rates can vary greatly based on several criteria, including the firm’s size.