Find Serenity and Comfort with a Massage Therapist in Dallas


Massage therapy is an art. A massage therapist is trained to apply pressure to various points on the body which stimulates nerve receptors, causing the blood vessels to dilate. This dilation facilitates effective blood circulation around the body. It affects the body as whole, inducing relaxation and soothing sore muscles.

Some of the major benefits of massage therapy include:

* An increase in the oxygen carrying capacity of blood by around 10 to 15 percent;
* Relaxation of contracted muscles and stimulation of weak and flaccid muscles. This helps with many things, including correction of posture. It does not directly increase muscle strength, but it speeds up the recovery of inflamed muscles;
* Provides a gentle stretching action to the muscles, reducing pain and discomfort;
* Regulation of the secretion and excretion of bodily fluids;
* Balancing the nervous system by both stimulating and soothing it;
* Enhancement of skin conditions by improving the functions of the sweat and sebaceous glands which keep the skin lubricated, clean, and cool.

Massage Therapy Works Wonders

A massage performed by a trained massage therapist can be highly effective in reducing physiological fatigue and aiding in recovery from exertion. Massage also prevents injuries from occurring due to strenuous physical activities.

Massage helps the body rid itself of accumulated toxins and by-products, such as lactic and carbonic acid, both of which may cause irritation in muscles and nerve endings, resulting in cramps and pain.

Joints are complicated and have a tendency of stiffening when they are not being used by exercising them continuously. A massage therapist uses passive movement and massage strokes to release tension and free the connective tissues around the joints.

Massage therapy also aids in the recovery of soft tissue injuries such as strains and sprains which may not feel serious enough to visit a doctor, but if left untreated for an extended period of time can result in more serious muscle injuries.

Positive psychological effects can be felt through massage therapy as well. Massage animates the body’s primary senses and loosens the muscle tension throughout the body known as armouring, the body’s natural defence mechanism towards psychological pain.

Massage Therapy for Treatment of Common Ailments

Headaches, sleeplessness, sinusitis, asthma, arthritis, digestive disorders, and many more common ailments can be treated without any medication, but instead by massage therapy. Massage helps promote health by boosting the body’s own natural immune processes.

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