Find a Veterinarian in Olathe, KS That Provides Preventative and Emergency Care


Cats and dogs quickly become valued members of the family. It’s understandable that people to keep them with them as long as possible. They rely on their veterinarian in Olathe, KS to provide the preventative care they need to stay healthy. Annual examinations prevent parasites from taking hold. They also ensure that the pet has all of the necessary vaccinations. Pets age much faster than most owners would like. The veterinarian will examine all their heart and lungs as well as their eyes. He will also notice if the pet is having trouble moving. Arthritis can be a problem for older dogs and cats. If necessary the vet will prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug to help.

A veterinarian in Olathe, KS also performs the role of the pet’s dentist. He will check their dental health at each visit and determine if a dental cleaning is needed. Cleaning a pet’s teeth and gums can double their life. Unfortunately a veterinarian also has to check for suspicious lumps and bumps. These can be signs of serious illness. If the vet does find something, he has the diagnostic tools to determine the extent of the problem. Finding problems when they are in their early stages gives the animal the best chance of survival. It also keeps the treatment cost as low as possible.

If surgery is needed, it can be provided by the veterinarian. Veterinarians know that surgery is stressful for both the animal and the owner. Just getting the animal to the veterinarian office can be difficult for many pet owners. The vet can provide medicine that will help calm the animal prior to treatment. On the day of the surgery the veterinarian will ensure that effective pain management is available at all times. A qualified veterinary assistant will be at the surgery to monitor they animal’s blood pressure, breathing and other vital signs. They will stay with them after the surgery until the anesthesia has completely worn off. The Falcon Valley Animal Hospital is one of the animal clinics in Olathe, KS. They provide preventative and emergency care for cats and dogs. Extended hours are available Monday through Saturday. Click here to know more.