Finally! A Certified Used Mazak Lathe Dealer at Your Service

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Midwest CNC manufacturers work amongst some of the smallest machine parts in existence so it’s no surprise that they rely heavily on vertical mills, horizontal mills, and lathes processors. Sellers in Cleveland of used mazak equipment dedicate their expertise to customers, walking through the ins and outs of large instruments that, like supercomputers from the 60s, take up enough room to be called substantial.

Some popular models include the Mazak Integrex Series with Lower Turret set ups; the E Series; Veriaxis; and Multiplex. Smaller units for more bespoke operations like the Quick Turn and the Super Quick Turn command less space. Open air assembly makes operational supervision a breeze. Let’s go a bit more into the Quick Turn Series specs as well as its capabilities.

QT Used Lathe

As previously mentioned, this particular unit is a compact CNC fit for light workloads. The fully equipped casting belt bar feeder system maintains force on designated materials and an adjacent parts catcher pushes out the results once it’s finished. Hitting the start key on the console on top initiates a warming buzz sound as the unit heats up.

The ‘hold’ position keeps parts in place until the technician readies the bar feeder – which can be done manually or automatically depending on individual skill and know how. It’s quite a show to witness the feeder drill bits even out parts totally autonomously. End products are the result of somewhat smooth and quiet functional performance. Looking to dip into CMTSE certified Cleveland used mazakequipment? CC Machine Tools, a pre-owned CNC leader, has you covered. Visit and ask them about their specialized inventory.