Repiping: When Is It the Right Option for Homeowners in Skokie?


Sometimes it is necessary to repipe your home. No one wants to make continuous repairs to their pipes when a new problem is going to crop up later. But repiping is a big job, and you want to be sure that’s really what you need before you commit.

The best way to know is to contact licensed and bonded repiping specialists in Skokie. But before that, there are some signs to look for to know if you need to repipe or not.

Discolored water

Discoloration of the water in your pipes can indicate sediment or rust buildup. If you notice your water is brown, yellow, or reddish, particularly after you’ve been gone a while, you may need to replace them.

Bad taste

Similar to discoloration, a bad taste points to deteriorated pipes. Bad tasting or smelling water can be dangerous to drink.

Unsafe or old pipes

Many pipes last for around 50 years, so if you know yours are older than that, consider a full replacement. Some materials need to be replaced due to corrosion, such as galvanized steel. Lead pipes should be replaced as soon as possible because of the health hazard they pose.

Low water pressure

If you experience sudden drops in water pressure, it could be due to buildup or corrosion. Most people experience this when they run the shower or wash dishes.

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