Facts About Copper Re-pipe in Palm Springs CA


Copper Plumbing is one of the most widely used in recent years because people have discovered the great benefits that come with it. If your pipes are of late demanding a lot of repair and dirty water is coming from the faucets, it might be time to do re-piping. Copper re-pipe in Palm springs CA will be an ideal choice for you. Below are a few facts you should know about copper pipes.


There are two types of copper pipes, flexible and rigid. Flexible copper pipes are the best when it comes to Copper re-pipe in Palm Springs CA because they are easy to work with. This is based on the fact that they can be easily twisted to any direction that the plumber wants. Rigid copper pipes on the other hand are suitable for installation in new buildings. They are more difficult to install due to their rigidness, therefore, a plumber would charge more to install a rigid pipe compared to a flexible one.


Copper pipes are classified into 3 categories. The first one is type M, which is thin walled. Type L is the medium sized pipe which is the most commonly used in plumbing. The third one is type K, which is the thickest of them all and is commonly used in commercial plumbing. The one you choose depends on your needs on Copper re-pipe in Palm Springs CA or the one required by the plumbing codes in your locality.


Copper pipes, whether rigid or flexible are usually joined together using fittings made from copper. Fittings are available in T and Y designs to join or branch the pipes. In case of a bend, there are flexible fittings to join the pipes.

Copper and PH

Copper does not react well to acidic water. If you note your water has a bitter taste, it is not the water source that is contaminated. A better explanation would be due to the acidity in your water; the pipes are corroding which leads to copper contamination.

Being a soft metal, copper is generally easier to work with compared to other pipes. For re-piping, use Copper Repipe in Palm Springs CA.