Factors To Consider Before Starting A Beverage Processing Business


Whether you have an idea for a new soda, fruit or energy drink, or if you want to open a craft brewery or a winery, the risk in starting these types of businesses is higher than normal.

A beverage processing company, particularly a startup, has to have everything in order when they launch their product line and start marketing. The good news is that by thinking ahead, working with top companies for quality equipment, and ensuring you have a branding plan in action, these companies can also be very successful and grow to meet the increasing product demand easier than other types of businesses.

Get the Right Equipment

Equipment is going to be one of the biggest capital outlays in starting a beverage processing company. However, this is one area where choosing the cheapest price is not only going to be cost-ineffective, but it will hurt your overall brand.

Low-quality equipment will produce low-quality beverages with higher variations between batches, greater risk of extended downtime, and increased difficulties in setting up the system and ensuring everything is integrated and working correctly.

Since your branding will be based on the quality of the beverages produced, a few inferior batches can rapidly impact a developing market.

Have a Supply Chain in Place

In addition to quality product and the right beverage processing equipment, it will be essential to also have a process for delivery when orders come in. Too often smaller producers have a local delivery option, but then don’t have a strategy when larger orders or orders from outside of the current delivery area come in.

Having to tell potential new buyers and vendors that an order cannot be filled is going to impact the ability to move into new markets and take advantage of these opportunities.

Know Regulations and Requirements

In the food and beverage industry, there are many different regulations and requirements for food and beverage handling and safety. By choosing the correct processing and production equipment and ensuring that all regulations are followed to the letter of the law will be essential for a startup company as well as an existing business.

One of the newest technologies in the beverage industry is the use of CIP or clean in place technology. This allows the system to be completely cleaned using the required chemicals without the need to take the system apart, reducing downtime and boosting production levels with a safe, proven process.