Factors a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Collinsville IL Must Consider


Various factors can affect the value of a wrongful death claim. When someone pursues such a claim, it’s important for them to understand these factors. Below are some of the most common issues encountered by a Wrongful Death Lawyer Collinsville IL.

Losses and Damages Attributed to Decedents and Dependents

A wrongful death case’s value depends on the claimants involved and the extent of recoverable damages. For instance, the death of a single, childless young woman who is unemployed may be different than the death of a 40-year-old married doctor who has four young children. The harder a person’s employment and education background are to define, the harder it is to document a claim for lost earnings.

The Jury’s Perceptions

Another important factor is the jury’s opinion of how good or bad a person was and how valuable a life they led. It is simpler to give an award for a ‘nice’ or ‘valuable’ person’s death than it is for someone with a negative perception.

Availability of Insurance Coverage

In most cases, when a defendant is an individual or corporation, the maximum amount available is that of the defendant’s insurance policy. It rarely makes sense to pursue a defendant beyond the amount of coverage or settlement funds they have available.

The Case’s Jurisdiction

Juries in sparsely populated rural areas are likely to judge a case’s value differently than those in urban areas. Sometimes, state law makes it easier or harder to prove a claim, and some courts move quicker than others do. These factors are difficult to evaluate on one’s own, and in most cases, it’s best to consult a Wrongful Death Lawyer Collinsville IL.

The Jury and Judge

Judges have a substantial amount of discretion over the evidence admitted or discarded at trial, and some are known to be oriented toward one side or the other. Juries and judges all value cases differently, and some view wrongful death claims more sympathetically than others.

Clients should remember that the above factors are only some of those that may affect the value of a claim. If a family is pursuing a claim and they have questions, they can contact the Brunton Law Offices.