Exploring the Differences Between Grilling and BBQ


Barbecuing, grilling – they’re both extremely delicious ways to prepare meat, but they also have differences that, among true meat aficionados, absolutely need to be addressed and kept firmly apart.

If you’re someone who just likes meat, and cooks it however they just so happen to feel like, this post may not interest you. But if you want to get the most flavor out of your meat and prepare it with the full knowledge of what you’re doing to that perfect slab of protein, then read on and discover the truth about how grilling and using barbecue pits in Houston differ from one another.

What is Grilling?

If you’re going to grill out, here’s how you do it:

Get yourself a grill or fire pit with a grill over it.

Fire it up, really really hot.

Get a few specialty slabs of choice meat, some sausages and patties.

Slap them onto your grill, and watch carefully as the heat slowly chars the surface, leaving inside a juicy, delectable and pink meat.

Take them off the grill. The total process shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes.

And voila! You have yourself a grilled meal. But, that is not a barbecue. Barbecues are quite different.

What is a Barbecue?

A BBQ or barbecue is all about the low and slow. As per CNN, grilling is done by searing meat with hot temperatures and quick times. It’s for when you can’t wait to get your meat on, or when you have a lot of people to feed.

Barbecuing is an art that requires the use of specialty barbecue pits from Houston experts, perfectly-made and secretive barbecue sauce, and of course, a lower temperature coupled with a slow, hefty cook. The end result? Fall-off-the-bone meat covered in a sweet, sticky sauce, dripping with fat and protein juices.