Explore the Differences Before Purchasing Exterior Doors in South Jersey

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Exterior doors in South Jersey offer more than just security. They can also be used as a focal point to welcome guests into one’s home. Exterior doors should protect from intruders while looking beautiful at the same time.

Exterior Doors

From basic to ornate, an exterior door can say a lot about the people who are living on the other side of them. The styles are endless, but the basic function is still the same. Exterior doors should be secure, and they can be located at the entrance of a building, or on the side of a building. No matter where an exterior door is situated, the main idea of an outside door to offer a barrier that isn’t easily penetrable, and the door should be constructed in a way that is better insulated than an interior door would be.


Many exterior doors in South Jersey are made from wood while others are made out of steel. Both offer a barrier against the elements and provide a level of security against unwanted guests. When selecting the right type of exterior door for a home, it’s important to know the differences between the various types of construction for both wooden and steel doors.

Steel Versus Wood

A high-quality steel door can be the best line of defense when wishing to protect one’s property. However, a low-quality steel door may be comparable to a wooden door in many ways, since the inner core of a lower priced steel door may be composed of wood and not metal throughout. Steel doors are usually more energy efficient and have a higher insulating value than a wood door does, but many high-end wooden doors are thicker, and they do have a more natural look and feel than steel. While a wood door may crack easier when force is exerted on it, the best line of defense against intruders is a sturdy door that has a solid strike plate with 3 inch long mounting screws and a quality lock.

The right type of exterior door depends on the overall look one desires plus the level of security one wants to obtain. Steel doors require less maintenance and are generally more secure overall, but wood doors offer an aesthetic appeal that can’t be beaten. For more information regarding exterior doors and the options that are available, please contact us.