Engraving Options Available for Residents and Businesses in Corona, California


Engraving is a great way to personalize all types of products. You can have a design of your choice engraved into many different types of materials. Although it’s most often done for decorative purposes, engraving is sometimes used for security reasons. The best type of engraving in Corona, CA, that residents need depends on the type of material being used.

1. Laser engraving works well with materials such as wood, leather, stone, and metal. The laser technique creates a very precise shape using beams of light. When correctly guided, heat from the beams of light affects the target material. This leaves a smooth and permanent engraving on the areas touched by the light beam. The heat from the laser is extremely hot. But it doesn’t damage areas not being engraved. The precise nature of laser engraving makes it a good choice for engraving serial numbers and business logos.

2. Rotary engraving works well on materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, and sterling silver. And it’s most often used for engraving things like plates, knives, and trophies.

Rotary engraving uses a spinning cutter to cut the material being engraved. It actually forms the engraving by making several marks with the sharp cutter.

Choosing the Best Engraving Method for Your Project

Whether you want to engrave a personal item, a gift, or a business product, you’ll get the best results with a professional engraver. Engrave ‘N Emboider Things offers engraving in Corona, CA, that residents can appreciate. We offer various types of engraving to fit just about any need. Visit us to learn more about engraving.