Eliminating Fleas With Proper Dog Grooming in Bowie


When someone has a dog that has a flea problem, they will most likely want to take the action needed to eradicate these parasites in their entirety. There are a few steps a pet owner can take to get rid of fleas from a dog’s coat completely. Here are some tips a dog’s owner can use to help a dog who is suffering from a flea infestation.

Bring The Dog To A Veterinarian For An Evaluation

It is important to have a pet doctor take a look at a dog that is suffering from an infestation of fleas. They will be able to provide treatment to heal any skin irritation, rashes, or bite marks, helping the dog to be more comfortable as a result. They will also be able to prescribe flea medication to eliminate the flea problem swiftly and effectively. Afterward, it will be up to the pet owner to continue with the grooming of the pet and cleaning of the home to keep fleas from returning.

Tend To The Home To Eliminate Flea Troubles

The home will need to be cleaned to remove any fleas hiding in carpeting or bedding so they do not infest the dog again in the future. Vacuuming daily will help in the elimination of any stragglers as well as their eggs and larvae. Make sure to put a flea powder inside a vacuum canister or bag to help kill any fleas collected. Sprinkling salt on carpeting will aid in killing fleas as well.

Keep The Dog Flea-Free With Routine Grooming

Bringing the dog to a groomer regularly will aid in keeping fleas from returning. They will wash the dog with a flea-repelling shampoo and take the time to comb the dog’s fur to check it for the presence of any fleas that may have returned. They would then alert the dog’s owner so they can take the appropriate action in flea removal once again if necessary.

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