El Cajon Parents: 3 Types of Primary Care Services for Your Children


As your children get older, you may only see the doctor when a need arises, but ongoing, regular primary care ensures that your child is growing and developing properly. Here are three types of services that are provided by a pediatric primary care doctor for El Cajon children.

Wellness Exams

Once your child turns three years old, plan to have annual wellness exams. The appointments are intended to check your child’s emotional and physical health. The doctor talks to your child about eating habits, sleep patterns, friendships, family relationships, and other aspects of daily life. This is a great time for your child to ask any questions and understand how the body works and how to take care of oneself.


Your pediatric primary care doctor in El Cajon outlines the schedule of immunizations for your child that are required for health, as well as any vaccinations that are needed for school. Your pediatrician may also recommend special vaccinations based on your child risk factors to certain diseases.

Developmental Assessments

Primary care for children includes assessments for development in speech, growth, physical aptitude, and learning. The doctor explains any areas where your child is performing below the set level, as well as where your child excels. You can use this information to build upon at-home activities and schooling for your child.

Where to Find a Pediatric Primary Care Doctor in El Cajon

Children’s Physicians Medical Group is an integrated pediatric network of physicians and clinicians who specialize in children’s healthcare and development. Call them today to schedule an appointment. You can also visit their website at www.cpmgsandiego.com.