Effective Mold Testing and Sampling in the Tulsa, OK, Area


Mold removal can present a daunting prospect and questions about how to begin or how to get a reasonable price while still getting the job done correctly and effectively. However, a capable professional can assist in testing and successful mold removal at a decent price.

Testing and Removal

Mold is unquestionably one of the most hazardous and pervading materials around, which will soon become an environmental health issue if not dealt with. The first item of action is to schedule mold testing in Tulsa, OK, with a qualified professional to determine if mold exists in a home or place of business. With inspection for mold, an environmental professional can detect mold’s presence and form a plan for removal, ensuring the environment and air are safe and breathable for a room’s occupants.

Mold Inspection, Testing and Sampling

Mold inspection can involve:

  • Evaluation of affected structures
  • Appraisal of symptoms and health
  • Sampling from surfaces to understand mold growth sources
  • Collection of particulates with air trap methods
  • Air draws at cavities in exterior and interior walls
  • Test lab results

A Qualified Environmental Services Provider

An EPA qualified environmental services company licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Labor and certified by AIHA for in-house laboratory work can provide effective mold testing and successful mold removal services for residential and commercial buildings in the Tulsa area. Contact Stronghold Environmental at (405) 286-5417 today to learn more.