DWI Charges in Louisiana Can Lead to Serious Consequences


In Louisiana, a driver who is caught with blood alcohol content of .08 or higher faces DWI Charges. State laws require a driver suspected of intoxication to submit to an intoxication test to verify BAC. If the driver refuses, automatic license suspension is the result. That suspension can last for more than a year. The individual still faces charges that could lead to jail time.

Repeat Offenses

The first and second conviction of driving while intoxicated is usually a misdemeanor in Louisiana, but the third can be charged as a felony. A misdemeanor crime does not sound all that serious, but even the first DWI conviction can be penalized with time in jail along with a hefty fine. Convictions are public record and this can have a negative effect on the person’s reputation.

Legal Strategies

A lawyer such as Chris Richard, attorney at law, uses several strategies to help clients who are facing DWI Charges. If the person refused to take any BAC tests, for instance, the lawyer might be able to convince a judge to reinstate the driver’s license in a shorter time frame. Information on this particular lawyer can be viewed at the website chrisrichardattorney.com.

A restricted license may be acquired in the meantime so the person can drive at certain times of day within certain limits. This license is usually applied for if the person must drive to work and back home. The driver will probably have to get an ignition interlock installed to qualify for this license. However, more than one conviction may make the person ineligible for a restricted license.

After reviewing all the facts of the case, a lawyer may advise the client to plead not guilty or to accept a plea bargain from the prosecuting attorney. A plea bargain may be the best option if the evidence is very strong and the consequences could be significantly reduced by pleading guilty before trial.

Concluding Thoughts

People commonly feel humiliated and embarrassed after being charged with DWI. It’s important not to go into denial and simply accept the consequences without at least having a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!