Dump Truck Options for Contractors


If you run a landscape or construction business in Fresno CA, you may need several trucks, and each one serves a specific need. When it comes to dumping duties, you may have more options than you realize. For example, you can choose a standard dump truck with single or tandem axles, dump trailer, flatbed dump truck, and standard flatbed. Here is information on each option to help you make an informed decision.

Dump Truck

When you don’t want to make a huge investment, you can check out used dump trucks. For most landscape contractors, a single axle rig is the best choice. You can haul a lot of dirt, sand, and rock and you’ll get better fuel economy with the lighter truck. However, if you need heavy-duty dumping, then dual axle and even triple axle models are available.

Flatbeds that Dump

Did you know you can have the benefits of a dump truck, and a flatbed when you choose a flatbed dump truck in Fresno CA? However, you may need to make changes or alterations to standard trucks. Yet, if you go to custom truck body specialists, they can give you any kind of truck you want.

Flatbed Truck

A standard flatbed doesn’t give you a lot of dumping options like a flatbed dump truck but many landscape companies in Fresno CA use them for small projects. You can haul supplies, equipment, and bags of landfill materials. If you run a small landscape or home remodeling service, this is a good choice.

Dump Trailers

A dump trailer is a good option if you want to add dumping duties but don’t want to invest in a new or used truck for your business. However, it’s sometimes difficult to maneuver and haul trailers. Backing them up into tight spaces is not easy either. Yet, in some cases, it’s the most cost-effective option.