Don’t Get Sunk Finding Pool Services in Connecticut

Swimming Pools and Spas

After someone takes the plunge and decides to install a pool or spa on their property, they want to find the experts for pool services in Connecticut. They want a company that provides everything form start to finish, from installation to maintenance. Whether the pool is in-ground or above ground, they want one-stop shopping with a pool company.

Having a pool or spa can transition a plain backyard into an oasis for homeowners. It can also ensure they spend more family time together and could very well boost the value of their property. Besides letting them cool off on hot summer days, the pool can also help them get in shape, or it can allow them to simply relax with a cool beverage. More importantly, if they have children, a pool offers a wonderful and healthy alternative to them sitting inside with a computer in front of them and a cell phone in their hand.

For those who might not be able to afford an in-ground pool, Treats Pools and Spas can offer alternatives to fit their budgets, such as an above-ground pool. The benefit for customers is that they can get 20 years worth of enjoyment and use out of an above-ground pool when maintained properly. Since they are generally smaller in size, the amount of water required is less, as are the amount of chemicals needed to treat it. Setting up an above-ground pool only takes a couple of days as opposed to the time the construction of an in-ground pool would take.

When customers are searching for a company to assist with pool care, they will need to find someone reputable to provide them with pool services in Connecticut. They want to find a company that has experience in keeping the pool running safely and efficiently throughout the season. They also want to find a company that can handle pressure testing, line replacement, and fixing pumps and filters. It also helps to find a company that is there for them from the opening the pool at the start of the season to closing it up when the season ends.