A New Tooth In An Hour

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Dentistry

New technology is absolutely fantastic, it is now possible to create a 3D model on your printer at home and it is possible to get same day crowns in Naperville.

Crowns are used when there has been a great deal of restorative work done to a tooth, so much so that it cannot be closed with a typical filling. In the past it was necessary for the dentist to take impressions of the tooth and send them out to a lab where the crown was produced. This typically took a couple of weeks and another trip back to the dentist to have it placed. Today, your dentist has another option; he can produce the crown in his office in an hour or even less.

The process is almost the same:

Only about ten percent of the dentists in the US have invested in this new technology. These dentists use CAD/CAM to create a perfect crown while the patient is still in the office. Instead of waiting two weeks, a perfect ceramic crown is ready in an hour.

The process starts little different than the “old way.” The dentist numbs the area and prepares the site to accept a crown. Here is where it deviates; in the past the dentist made an impression which was used to produce the crown, now the dentist uses a camera to generate a 3D image of what the new crown and tooth will look like.

All the details from the image are transferred to the machine; it is this machine that actually mills a block of porcelain into the precise shape specified by the dentist. All that has to be done once the crown is finished is to place it with dental adhesive.

If you need a crown or you have lost a large filling, same day crowns in Naperville can save you possible embarrassment and certainly a second trip to the dentist.

Same day crowns in Naperville are available from the Center for Cosmetic, Implant Orthodontic & General Dentistry. Upon completion, the crown looks, feels and functions no different than a natural tooth. Contact us at

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