Do You Need a Lawyer to Write Your Estate Plan?


This is one of the most asked questions of any Sacramento estate planning attorney. Many people feel that they can handle taking care of writing up an estate plan on their own. However, they don’t realize just how complicated the law is or how difficult it can be to put everything into action. Read on below for a few of the top reasons you should hire an attorney to write up your estate plan when the time comes.

You Need More than an Estate Plan

While the words will, and estate plan are often used together they are truly two separate things. An estate plan is a set of documents concerning your estate. A will is just one of the documents in your estate plan, although it is an extremely important one. If you don’t have a Sacramento estate planning attorney in your corner, then you may not have the things you need in your estate plan and that would be horrible for you and your loved ones in the end.

Save You Time and Money

Without a solid estate plan, you may end up paying more in legal fees in the long run. Having a lawyer to take care of drawing up the plan for you saves you money and saves you the time of trying to learn the laws and do it yourself. It also saves you energy as well, if you think about it. Saving time, energy, and money is an investment in itself.

These are just a few of the top reasons that you need a lawyer to write up your estate plan. For more information on a reputable Sacramento estate planning attorney, contact The Law Offices of Mitchell S. Ostwald for help and to schedule an appointment.