Do People Who Eat Together Work Better Together?

Food Service

Positive bonding is one of the great lasting effects that comes from employees eating together. When organizations arrange a high quality corporate cafeteria with menus selected to meet the exacting demands of a wide variety of employees requiring specific attention to religious choices, allergies and other preferences, the benefits are enormous.

Bonded Teams Enjoy Working Together

When a team bonds efficiently, they work more as a team than as individuals. They may not even discuss work while eating in the corporate cafeteria, but knowing that their company cares about them enough to provide an extremely healthy variety of menus, is a clear bonus. Because the individuals begin to understand the little nuances that make us all individual, teams can form a tight group which brings better results in the workplace.

Better Trust Relationships

Levels of trust between the individuals will increase and they will all share the responsibility of doing that little bit extra to make sure the entire team is rewarded with success. They know why an individual must leave five minutes early on a certain day every week to attend their child’s drama lessons. They recognize that allowing a favor here and there means it will be returned to them, when they need it most.

The company has a strong motivation to ensure that the corporate cafeteria provides an excellent opportunity for teams to bond together and it is also an excellent location for individuals to meet other employees and gain a greater understanding about what happens elsewhere within the company.

Where these same employees believe they have a substantial say in the choice of the menus that are selected, they are more likely to frequent the area more often, particularly when menus are changed regularly, so that the atmosphere does not go stale.

When other employees observe teams bonding so well within the organization’s eating area, they are more likely to follow the lead and build their own high levels of familiarity and confidence.