Do Not Delay Visiting An Upper West Side Optician


Fashioned-minded individuals want to wear the latest in eyewear. Frankly, glasses are an important fashion accessory. One of the luxury brands today is by Loree Rodkin. Rodkin was a Hollywood agent before turning to design. In fact, she managed the careers of Brad Pitt and Sarah Jessica Parker. Rodkin teamed up with eyewear designer Sheila Vance to create Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama. The collection is so fabulous because of the materials used. Imagine eyeglass frames made of pure titanium and Japanese acetate.

Rodkin makes the types of frames sold by an Upper West Side Optician. Thom Browne is another designer with a line of frames. The Council of Fashion Designers of America named Browne designer of the year for 2016. His fashions can be seen in the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum. Further, Browne’s eyeglass frames are made of the finest quality materials. One can also find Horn frames at Business Name. Horn frames have a very interesting story.

Horn frames are made from horns of deceased Tibetan animals. Interestingly, the frames are a major luxury item. This is nothing new because horn has been used to make combs, buttons, and other fashion items for centuries. However, it is a new idea in frames. The material is beautiful naturally and does not need extra paint or metal. Indeed, the frames are organic because the animals were fed organic food. The horn material is very strong, and the glasses will last for many years.

The Gold And Wood luxury brand is also sold by an Upper West Side Optician

. This brand was started over twenty years ago by Maurice Leonard. He is the first designer to make a complete pair of frames out of wood. The designers try to capture the markings in precious woods to make the frames unique. The wood used includes brown maple and red sycamore.

Additionally, take a look at Masunaga frames. Japan is known for having some of the best optical craftsmen in the world. The company performs a lot of work by hand, and the frames are coveted around the globe. No one has to settle for ho-hum, boring frames. Eyeglass frames can be as fashion forward as the wearer.