The Different Approaches for Basement Waterproofing in Frederick

Foundation Repair

For many homes, the foundation is actually the basement walls. Some foundations have a concrete slab, but homes that have basement spaces rely on the walls of the basement as the foundation. The problem is, these walls will need to be free from anything that could compromise their structural integrity. Basement walls that are structurally compromised make the entire home a safety hazard. One of the ways to ensure that the basement walls stay strong and supportive is to pay close attention to Basement Waterproofing in Frederick.

There are many reasons why basement walls will need to be waterproofed. For example, if your home is in a low-lying area, or your home was built on a floodplain, there’s going to be a fair amount of water around your home during rainier parts of the year. In these instances, it’s very difficult to properly move water away from the home in an effort to avoid foundation issues. For these reasons, you may have to take extra steps to waterproof the walls of your basement so that water doesn’t seep into the walls themselves and begin to erode the materials.

In other situations, your home may have a poorly designed gutter system that doesn’t move water away from the home when it rains. This moisture can seep into the soil and eventually find its way to your basement walls. If your basement walls have inadequate waterproofing or have no waterproofing all, your walls can be exposed to moisture which can chip away at the structural integrity.

Waterproofing a basement can be as simple as putting a coat of water proofing paint on the floor and the walls of the basement. In other cases, significant excavation will need to take place in order to put waterproofing membranes on the outside of the basement walls. What your basement walls require will need to be determined by a professional.

Fortunately, Basement Waterproofing in Frederick is something that can be done by a host of different companies. However, the first thing that needs to be done is your basement walls need to be inspected. In addition, the entire home property will need to be looked at to determine how significant of a problem you have. From there, a foundation repair company can devise a plan to waterproof your basement walls and keep your home structurally sound.