Did You Know You Can Smoke CBD Flowers and Make Your Own CBD Oil?

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While many people today are using CBD oil to alleviate pain, depression, and anxiety, some are also smoking CBD hemp flower.

Smoking CBD bud has the advantage of entering your system very quickly, generally within 10 minutes, and the effect can last for an hour. Also, by smoking CBD buds, you’ll get the full entourage effect, experiencing the full range of cannabinoids the hemp flower has to offer.

Smoking CBD can be exquisitely relaxing, with no psychoactive effects. Smoking allows the cannabinoids to go directly through the lungs, and from there, it spread throughout the rest of the body through the bloodstream. The only way that’s faster to feel the results is to take CBD intravenously.

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Other ways to use natural, raw CBD hemp flower is to steep it as tea, or even try making your own CBD oil.

To make your own CBD oil, simply snip 10 grams of CBD bud into small pieces, and heat it in an oven at 250 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Next, gently melt 1 cup of coconut oil in a double boiler, and add the CBD flower. Heat the mixture for one hour, but be careful not to exceed 200 degrees. Finally, strain the mixture to remove the bud, and store it in a glass bottle. It may take a little experimentation to get your recipe just right.

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