The Dentist in West Covina Can Replace Your Missing Teeth


Missing teeth is one of the biggest reasons people feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their smile. If you are missing teeth, you not only face the issues with the appearance of your smile, but you also have trouble being able to eat and your speech may be affected. If you are dealing with these issues, the Dentist in West Covina can help. Through the dentist, you can be offered dental implants, which can permanently replace any missing teeth you have. This will not only restore the beauty of your smile, but also your function.

Before you make the decision on whether or not dental implants will benefit your smile, you need to see the dentist for a full evaluation. The dentist will need to be assured your gum tissue is healthy and there are no issues with your teeth that might cause you to be a poor candidate for the procedure. Once the dentist decides dental implants will benefit you, you will be scheduled for the first part of your procedure, which involves the placement of your metal anchors.

Metal anchors act as the root system for your artificial teeth and help to give them full function. Without these anchors, you would not be able to chew food or enjoy full function of your new teeth. After you have had the first procedure, you will be sent home for a recovery period. This period of time normally lasts about three to six months, depending on how well you heal. This allows for the anchors to bond with your bone tissue, so they can fully offer strength and protection to your new teeth.

Once you have healed, your new teeth can be put into place and you will love your new smile. This will allow you full function of your teeth again, so you can eat what you want and feel confident in your appearance. To learn more about dental implants and how the Dentist in West Covina puts them in place, contact West Covina Family Dentistry. They will be glad to provide you with the best in dental care, to make your smile healthy and beautiful.