How Do Braces For An Adult Differ?


Braces, also called orthodontic brackets are used when a person’s teeth are crooked or they have either an over bite or under bite. Over time braces in Findlay, OH will straighten the teeth, eliminating the problems. It is common for people in the late teens to have braces fitted but it is becoming more popular amongst the adult population as well, people who have tolerated irregular teeth for years are now taking corrective action. Although it is becoming more popular, there are a number of differences between the braces that will be fitted for an adult vs. those fitted to a child. The most notable differences lie in the material choices, the cost and the time they must be worn.

Braces in Findlay, OH that are produced for an adult can be made from various materials. As adults are fully aware of how to properly maintain their teeth they are offered a number of material choices. Children tend to be limited to stainless steel braces attached to the front of the teeth but adults are given the option of braces made from ceramic and plastic as well as lingual braces that fit on the back rather than the front of the teeth.

Ceramic braces are a popular choice for adults as they blend nicely with the teeth. They are worn on the front of the teeth, the traditional location for braces. Lingual braces have the brackets on the back side of the teeth, although they are not obtrusive they can create problems with the tongue while speaking and they are quite expensive when compared to braces located on the front of the teeth.

For minor corrections many adults are turning to clear plastic braces. These braces are replaced every couple of weeks and other than for eating and cleaning, they remain on around the clock.

As the adult teeth are often more rigid they are more difficult to realign and as a result, adult braces in Findlay, OH usually have to be worn longer than those that are fitted to a child. Adults will have to wear their braces on average anywhere between 18 months and three years although the actual amount of time is directly dependent on the amount of correction that is necessary. The extended time frame allows the teeth to move slowly which in turn gives the bone and muscle time to heal properly.

Braces in Findlay, OH are no longer only being fitted to young people with misaligned teeth, adults are also finding them to be something that has a positive impact on their appearance. Click here to know more if you are considering braces.