Dental Implants: 3 Signs That You Are a Good Candidate for This Solution


Did you know that not everyone can receive dental implants in Palm Coast? Before any dentist will consent to performing this procedure, patients must be evaluated. If you possess the following qualities, the dental team will go over all the options for implants and help you select the right one.

Your Overall Health is Good

While your health does not have to be perfect, there is a certain standard that must be met. Any chronic health issues must be under control. There should be evidence that you are not at an increased risk due to sedation and other elements of the implant process. If you take certain types of medications, it must be possible for you to refrain from taking them for a short period before and after the procedure.

You Have Excellent Bone Density

The density of the jaw bone is a prime consideration. Ideally, the bone is sturdy enough to support the implants in a manner that’s similar to supporting real teeth. Without that support, those dental implants in Palm Coast are not likely to remain in position for very long. Since the plan is to provide you with a solution that is considered permanent, attempting to insert implants when the bone density is compromised will not accomplish the goal.

Your Gums Show No Signs of Periodontal Disease

Any signs of infection, swelling, or other gum complications is enough to delay getting dental implants in Palm Coast area for a period of time. Once those gum issues are resolved, it will be possible to proceed. Your dentist will ensure that your gums receive the necessary treatment.

Remember that if there are any issues with your bone density or general health, there may be ways to correct those problems. If so, your dentist may determine that you are a candidate for some type of dental implant. That’s good news, since it means you will not end up having to make do with a set of traditional dentures.