Deer Facts and Strategies for Exotic Animal Hunting in Boerne, TX


Red Deer

A Red Deer is also called a Red Elk. It’s the second largest elk in the world. Many Red Deer roam the land in Europe, but they don’t have access to vast free ranges like the elk in Texas. This is a big reason why thousands of Red Stags are raised in Texas.

Red Deer Hunting Strategies

Red Deer are easier to hunt in the morning and late in the afternoon. You’ll have to be patience during the hunt because Red Elks have good hearing and a strong sense of smell.

Blackbuck Antelope

The Blackbuck Antelope has circular rings on its horns. It likes to eat grass in mountainous regions in Pakistan and India. However, in the Lone Star State, many Blackbucks have a home in Texas Hill Country.

Blackbuck Antelope Hunting Strategies

Use a decoy to lure the Blackbucks closer to you. An antler is a good decoy. If you lower their defenses, they will believe that an area is safe.

Fallow Deer

Fallow bucks can sprout palmate antlers like a moose. There is an expansive Fallow Deer population in central Texas.

Fallow Deer Hunting Strategies

A Fallow has sharp senses, so wear good camouflage during the hunt. If you want to totally conceal yourself, pair a green camo jumpsuit with gloves, a cap, and a face mask.

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