Customizing the Accumulation Table


An accumulation table is a vital part of the manufacturing and processing system. These tables are often set up at key points within an assembly line and are used as a place for inspection and sorting of products. The table literally accumulates product overflow and sorts or repositions the product before sending it back out onto the conveyer line.

Basic tables are round and rotate in order to sort and move products along. Most have a flat surface area capable of handling boxed products, plastic containers, metal containers, etc. Standard tables, however, are rarely ordered unless they come with customizable options including built in accessories and auxiliary accessories. Customization is key for the table to fit just about any processing need.

Customized Tables for Customized Needs
Most of the tables are used to accumulate items across a variety of industries and operations including assembly, engineering, fabrication, installation, machining and more. Their purpose is broad as is their specific industry of use. For instance, the accumulation table can serve in just about any kind of packaging industry from food and beverage to medical. Many manufacturers that offer these particular tables do so with the ability to customize the table to fit each customer’s need.

Options Available
The accumulation table comes in various models with adjustable functions. Basic models include bi-directional tables, recirculating tables, and rotary unscramble single filer tables. Once the preferred table is selected, the customizations come into play. For instance, when handling bottles, cans or jars, the table can easily be adapted with guard rails to keep the product from falling from the table. These guard rails can be customized to the scale of a particular product.

Most tables can stand alone or can be integrated to fit or become part of the entire conveyor or assembly system. Table sizes can range from 36’’ to 60’’ and can be ordered with a gel coated fiberglass surface or stainless steel.

Additional Features
In addition to customizable options, the table can also be equipped with several extra features. For example, some feature a self-cleaning live chain transfer. Others feature clockwise or counter clockwise rotations. Later models even include a control box so the electrical components are stored within the table itself.