How Custom Crating in Austin is Done

Moving Services

When items for shipping are fragile, over-sized, or difficult to pack due to their shape, finding a custom crating in Austin company can make the difference between problem-free shipping and a disaster at the end of the road. The art industry, for example, relies upon these services to ship priceless pieces that travel worldwide for major art shows. Shipping a motorcycle across country or overseas also requires special and secure packing and shipping. To ensure delivery, the professionals at Crate Master work hard to protect and move items for families, the military, and industry.

Building the Crate

The majority of custom crates are built from wood. Each is designed to fit the item securely inside and is strong enough to withstand the rigors of travel. Once the crate is built, steps are taken to secure it and protect the item. When bulky items are to be shipped, like a motorcycle, the item is placed within the crate and secured with rope or wire within the box. Care is taken to add resilient material to prevent scratches or other injuries that may occur during movement. Over-sized, but more regularly shaped items such as a painting, are placed into crates just a bit larger than the piece. That additional space is filled with packing materials to prevent damage.

Where is Crating Done

When items are easily moved short distances, they can be packed and stored within the Crating in Austin facility. Workmen have their tools and supplies at the ready and can quickly accomplish the task. When items are over-sized or difficult to move prior to crating, a specialist team will arrive to complete the job where the piece to be shipped is located. Once packing is completed, the crate can be moved onto a truck.

Keep in mind that there are rules and regulations about packaging that must be observed for safety. When hazardous materials are to be shipped, these regulations are especially stringent. To ensure that your package will arrive intact and comply with federal rules, make sure that the custom crating shop you choose is well aware the issues and can create a custom solution for you. Click here to know more.