What a Cosmetic Dentistry Provider Can Handle


Cosmetic dentistry is no longer just for the rich and famous. In fact, many general dental practices are adding cosmetic services to keep up with the demand in the industry. While cosmetic procedures tend to pertain more to the look of your smile, they can also help you improve the function and strength of your teeth at the same time. Overall, you’ll walk away with a healthier bite and the look that you’ve always wanted for your smile. It’s truly a win/win situation!

Aesthetic Qualities
Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures like whitening, veneers and composite fillings. These all play a role in helping your teeth look better, which can enhance the confidence of the patients undergoing these services. Veneers, for example, and designed to attach directly to the existing tooth to correct imperfections like cracks or chips, and they can also aid in straightening a naturally crooked smile. Composite fillings are used to restore the shape of a tooth that has been damaged without the harsh look of a once traditional silver filling.

Health Qualities
One element of cosmetic dentistry that is particularly helpful to the health of a patient is the tooth implant. Because missing more than one tooth can actually have negative effects on a patient’s jaw over time, these implants can aid in not only correcting the gap created by missing teeth, but strengthening the jaw bone itself. And since they’re permanently attached, it’s a lifetime improvement for the patient. Additionally, dental crowns work in a similar manner – strengthening the tooth that they are applied to in order to restore them to their natural shape and function.

Overall Improvement
Overall, undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure can be a great improvement for both the look and health of your smile. A crooked, discolored or damaged smile can be the source of confidence issues for many people – so don’t continue to suffer any longer! Speak with your dentist about the cosmetic options available through his or her office and get started learning more about what you can do to restore your smile’s natural beauty in just a few appointments.

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