Considerations When Using Payday Advance Loans in Florida


Unexpected expenses, or even planned budget items, can sometimes create a financial hardship between paychecks. To fill in these gaps in cash flow, individuals in Florida can turn to payday advance loans.

These loans are short-term, lasting just 14 days. With a set fee for borrowing, they provide a viable option over other funding options. To understand how payday loans can be used and what to consider when taking out the loan, the following factors are important.

Amount of the Loan

In Florida, as well as in other states, there is a limit on the amount that can be obtained through a payday loan. The maximum allowable on any loan is $500, regardless of how much the individual makes or other factors.

The fees for the loan are based on the amount borrowed, so is important to carefully consider how much to borrow to ensure it is possible to repay the loan with the next paycheck and still keep current on all other financial obligations.

What Is Required?

To apply for payday advance loans, the applicant needs to complete an application form. This may be done online or in-person, with both options offering immediate approval for qualifying individuals.

Online applications provide the option to upload the necessary identification. When applying in person, the ID must be with you when you go to the location. The ID must be government issued and can include a driver’s license, military ID or other similar options. Additionally, a social security card, as well as proof of employment and income, is required. Applicants need a current checking account statement during the application process.

In some situations, the company offering payday advance loans may be able to use other approved forms of identification. Call ahead and verify what is needed before going to the location to save time and ensure you have the ID required for approval.