Considerations for Tub to Shower Conversions

Home Improvement

The traditional bathroom design includes a combination shower with a tub. More recently, though, trends have leaned toward replacing tubs with modern showers. There are plenty of reasons homeowners consider tub to shower conversions in Batavia, IL. Making the switch can add value to both your home and life. Here are a few reasons why a tub to shower conversion might be the right thing for your family.

Easier Maintenance

Who wants to spend hours scrubbing a tub? Tub to shower conversions in Batavia, IL can greatly reduce the time it takes to keep your bathroom clean. Modern showers are easy to clean which saves you time and effort. Shower doors with trackless bottoms can almost eliminate the necessity to deep clean.

Stress Relief

Who doesn’t need some extra stress relief in this fast-paced world? Why not turn your shower into you own personal spa? Begin with some of the obvious features such as built-in Bluetooth, a shower bench or multiple shower heads. It’s also possible to include features like steam showers which offers major relaxation for very little additional investment.

More Space

A bathtub can take up a lot of space in the bathroom and make it feel lots smaller. Converting a tub to a shower creates an open feel for a limited space. The shower can become the focal point, or it can be a nearly transparent feature to enhance the bathroom’s décor. No matter what style you prefer, converting your tub to a shower can provide more space and functionality.

Safety Considerations

Enhanced safety is a reason many homeowners opt for a walk-in shower. The lower-profile entrance reduces the chances you will trip or all when getting in or out of a tub. Include built-in seating, shower caddies and safety bars and you have a beautiful and safe walk-in shower.

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