What to Consider When Searching for Chicago Sales Training Speakers

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Education

The Sales Coaching InstituteIf you are searching for sales training speakers in Chicago, your business’s sales are probably lacking or nonexistent. This is a typical problem of many companies, but it can be fixed if you hire the right speaker for your sales training program. However, most businesses seem to pull their speaker out of a hat without even knowing what types of techniques are taught and what your staff requires.

The speaker should have a customizable conference available that takes into consideration what the staff needs. Some staffs are commission-based while others are paid hourly. The sales techniques are typically different between the two options, because commission-based sales have to be a little tougher to get the sale, while those that are paid hourly don’t necessary mind if they get the sale or not.


Your Chicago sales staff cannot change their behavior in one day. The behavior change is an ongoing process that will take months or even years to perfect. Therefore, having a sales training day will not suffice, even if you have the best speakers in the world at your conference. Most companies prefer to have management attend meetings first in order to learn how to nurture that ongoing process of changing the behaviors of sales staff and then offer training speakers to come in and speak with the staff. Once the conference is finished, new rules can be put into place that follow the guidelines and suggestions offered by the speakers.


The speaker or speakers you select should ask questions about the company, its problems and staff long before the conference or meeting. This way, the sales training will be customized to your specific needs and the needs of your sales staff, allowing more personal and group involvement and participation. Your sales group will likely take ownership of the program because they are involved and will want to include those techniques and tips learned from the speaker.


As with many things in life, timing is everything. It is never a good idea to offer sales training during working hours because you are missing out on all those potential sales. You may feel that having the training as quickly as possible would be better, but it could be the opposite. Instead, find a time where customers are not available. For example, if you handle a telecommunications business, most customers do not want to be disturbed during dinnertime, so you could effectively have a short meeting during this time.

Chicago sales training speakers are everywhere, but if you want the best, consider The Sales Coaching Institute. For more than 25 years, they have been leaders in sales and sales management training.

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