Any homeowner that has a basement knows that area can be damp and unsuitable for living space. Whether you want your basement to be a functional space or just for storage, Basement Waterproofing in Frederick, Pennsylvania is an important service to consider. The following will cover the importance of waterproofing your basement.

1) Prevent unnecessary moisture – Every aspect of the basement is vulnerable to moisture. Moisture in excess will result in structural damage. Waterproofing can prevent damage by holding excess moisture at bay in your basement floors and walls.

2) Prevent mold growth – Mold can become a dangerous problem in your basement. For people with sensitivities, the odor alone is overwhelming. Mold is responsible for respiratory problems in people with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Some mold not only triggers respiratory attacks in those suffering with these problems, but can cause respiratory problems.

3) Prevent bacteria growth – Mold is not the only harmful growth that can invade your basement. Other forms of fungus and bacteria can become problematic and affect the health of your household and cause damage to your property when left untreated. Waterproofing your basement reduces the risks of mold, bacteria, and fungal growth.

4) Protect your family – Whether anyone in your household has mold, bacteria, or fungus sensitivities or allergies or not, you should be aware that some mold and bacteria can result in things besides respiratory issues. Rashes, headaches, sinus infections, and fatigue may be a result of a mold problem in your home. Protecting your family from these risks is important to the general health and well-being of your family.

5) Provides usable space – If you have a half or full basement, you can turn it into usable space. It could be your recreation room, a guest room, a bedroom, a man cave, a sewing and craft area, or a comfortable space with furnishings and other amenities for riding out a storm. Waterproofing allows you to make your basement a usable space.

If you already have signs of excess moisture or flooding in your basement, that needs to be addressed right away. Every day that you wait to call a contractor, is a day closer to serious water damage. Basement Waterproofing in Frederick by Keystone Foundation Repair, Inc. is a reliable way to ensure your basement is safe for use.