Computerized Pattern Making — Automation at its Finest


Computerized pattern making is one of the best examples of automation. Computerized pattern making is an easy way to make the argument for the benefits of automation. It is hard to believe that there are still companies that resist automation opportunities and rely on the old way of doing things.

The Old Way

While many people like to think that pattern making by hand is more of an artisan way of doing things the fact is, it lacks precision, consumes a ridiculous amount of time and stalls production. When you know better you should do better. Automation is the better way to do things because:

  • You get more accurate results
  • Corrections take minutes not hours
  • It increases production
  • It is cost savings
  • It is time saving

Accurate Results

The fact is no matter how accurate a human is in measurements they are never going to be as accurate as a machine. Plugging in numbers to a computer to generate a pattern is always going to give more precise results that are easier to duplicate. It is difficult to beat the results, especially for mass production, of a computer generated pattern.

Corrections Made Easy

Instead of heading back to the drawing board when tweaks need to be made, you simply feed new information into the system when your patterns are computer assisted. It is the simplest way to quickly correct and regenerate a pattern. Doing it by hand can add hours or days to a project. With a computer pattern you can tweak the pattern and make corrections with a few key strokes.


Reducing wasted manpower hours is a savings. Reducing time spent perfecting a pattern is money saved. Making corrections quickly is a cost savings. Autometrix can talk to you more about the benefits of this type of automation and how it can help your business.