Computer Repair in Irvine: 4 Important Facts About Solid State Drives

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When computer users consider upgrading their desktops and laptops to a solid state drive (SSD), there are a few important things to consider before taking that step. Generally, SSDs are drives with no moving parts; they’re basically durable, high-capacity, high-speed memory cards. Though some believe it’s expensive and complicated to do the upgrade, it’s easy to do with the right Computer Support. Below are a few crucial facts about SSDs.

High Performance

When upgrading from a HDD (hard disk drive) to an SSD, users can expect to see shorter boot-up times. Files and programs will load and launch faster, and search results will appear sooner as well. For those dealing with a noisy computer, there may be a decrease in sound, as SSDs contain no moving parts. It’s important to have realistic expectations, however; an SSD will not make game graphics smoother.

App and Operating System Migration

If the SSD is coming with a new computer, skip to the next paragraph, as this one deals with those performing an SSD upgrade on an existing machine. The user or the shop doing the Computer Repair in Irvine will have to migrate the operating system and applications from the HDD to the SSD. Most SSD manufacturers provide migration software, which clones the data from one drive to the other.


For most users, a 128GB SSD is sufficient for the OS (operating system), basic programs, and a few small games. As with other drives, the more stuff that’s stored on an SSD, the slower it may run. File transfers may go a bit slower, which is why some users only use SSDs for OS and app installations.

Warranty and Installation

If a user already knows how to do their own upgrades, SSD installation should be no problem. However, there are several things to consider when installing an SSD. All laptops are built a bit differently, and some require full disassembly. It’s also important to get into the BIOS and change the SATA setting from IDE over to AHCI.


If the idea of installing an SSD seems daunting, count on the pros for Computer Repair in Irvine. By asking a professional to do the job, it will get done faster and the machine’s warranty will be preserved.