Company Offers Instant Response To Problems Affecting Heating in Farmington, CT


The frigid weather in the Midwest and the Northeast has been a news headline for several weeks and there are still several weeks of winter left. You don’t want to suddenly find yourself without heat during record-breaking cold snaps. There are several reasons your heating system may fail, whether it’s an oil furnace, a gas or electric heating unit or a heat pump. There are some preliminary steps you can take, but if they don’t work quickly you’ll need to call technicians experienced in troubleshooting problems with heating in Farmington, CT.

Attempting to wait out a cold spell when your heating system isn’t working properly isn’t as easy or even advisable as suffering through a heat wave without air conditioning. Even a relatively well-built home that doesn’t let in much outside air at all will quickly become uncomfortably cold as the indoor temperature drops toward that of the outside atmosphere. You might think that you can heat your home by alternative methods. If you have an electric, gas or wood-burning fireplace, you can heat a relatively small area of your home. However, relying on space heaters or a gas stove to provide heat is dangerous and highly discouraged.

If your heating system uses a digital thermostat to display the temperature of a room as well as the heating system’s setting, it might need new batteries. Once you’ve replaced the batteries, you should be able to reset the display that will send a signal to the system to start heating your home again. If the batteries in the thermostat are still good, then the circuit breaker that controls the heating unit may have tripped. Also make sure you haven’t inadvertently turned off the heating system itself. If your home is heated by an oil furnace, push the reset button on the burner relay just one time to restart the furnace. If none of these steps works, then it’s time to call a heating specialist to fix a more serious problem.

Instant Response Plumbing and Heating will send a technician to assess and repair your heating system as soon as you make the call, no matter what time of day or night you need the repairs. When your home’s heating in Farmington, CT goes out, depend on the company to make it operational again as soon as possible.