Common Services from Commercial Locksmiths in Chicago, IL


If you are running a business, your safety and security are two of your highest priorities. You need to keep your building, your employees, and your assets safe. They need to be safe from malicious actors who could attempt to break in. While you’re likely aware of the locking services you can get from a locksmith, there are many more services that they offer. Great commercial locksmiths offer many different types of services that will help a business. These services range from intercom systems to cameras and keyless entry systems.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems from commercial locksmiths in Chicago, IL typically involve some kind of key card or chip. Typically, they are made of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The chip reader will emit a pulse that is then picked up by the corresponding chip. When the reader gets the satisfactory radio frequency in response, it will allow someone to enter. It’s a great way to offer keyless and hands-free entry to an office. Employees and other permitted persons can put the chips in their bags or on their person and get into the building.

Security Shop Inc. offers some of these keyless entry systems. They also offer security cameras.


Commercial locksmiths are also the best place to look for cameras. They can be installed as part of a comprehensive security strategy that you could employ at your business. The cameras have a couple of different functions. The cameras themselves, if they are visible, will be a deterrent that will discourage people from committing illegal acts. After the fact, the cameras will also help you respond to the crime.

Cameras, especially high-quality ones, can make it much easier to find and apprehend criminals who break into your office or store. You need this along with other kinds of security measures from professional locksmiths. You can also connect them on Facebook.