Common Septic System Repair Issues And How To Avoid Them

Septic Tanks

For homes that don’t have access to municipal sewer lines, septic systems are the only way to deal with water and human waste. However, unlike a sewer, which is normally maintained by a city or county authority, a septic system is the responsibility of the homeowner. Fortunately, there are some simple methods that a homeowner with a septic system can follow to ensure the system is working properly and to help prevent the need for Septic System Repair.

Unlike what people think, a septic tank isn’t a catch-all for liquid or human waste. Many people think that the tank collects this waste and, when it’s full, it has to be emptied by a septic service. However, the tank is more of a place where waste goes to break down before it is transferred, as a liquid, to a leaching field near the tank and harmlessly deposited into the soil.

However, for the waste to break down, lower amounts of water will be needed. Should a homeowner use too much water, such as taking long showers frequently or doing large volumes of laundry in a short period of time, water levels in the tank can rise. This can cause solid waste that hasn’t properly broken down to move through dispersion pipes, which are only made for liquid waste. This can clog the pipes and eventually cause septic backup issues if the problem is significant enough.

Another thing to consider is the effect that phosphates have on a septic system. Phosphates are usually found in things such as laundry detergent. While everyone needs to wash their clothes, it’s important to either choose laundry detergents that have low levels of phosphates or to regulate the use of laundry detergents. When these phosphates aren’t properly diluted, they can enter a septic system and cause algae to grow. The algae typically grow on the perforated transfer pipes that take liquid waste to the leaching field. This can clog the perforated pipes requiring extensive Septic System Repair.

This only scratches the surface of the common types of repairs that septic systems may require. However, these are preventable and you can save a great deal of hassle and money if you avoid them. If you need to know more about services that can either maintain or repair your septic system, you may want to check out a website like website domain.