Common Items Packed Away in Furniture Storage Service in Collier County FL

Moving Services

Many men and women have decided to rent a storage unit on a long-term basis for one reason or another. Some mainly use it for seasonal reasons, packing up the camping gear for winter and bringing out the holiday decorations. Others use it store belongings they haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet. Furniture storage service in Collier County FL is available for customers who have bigger items to pack away.

Surveys have indicated which items are most likely to be stored. Facility managers like to know this so they can help their customers with tips on the best ways to pack these items to prevent damage. Tips also are provided on the best strategies for packing things in the unit so everything is easily accessible.


Large and small appliances are commonly placed in storage when people aren’t using them now but may need them in the future. This might happen when a couple moves in together and they have already established separate homes. They’ll move the duplicate appliances into a unit and decide what to do about this later. They might have a big sale in a few months once they get totally organized.


Mattresses also are commonly seen items at a furniture storage service in Collier County FL. People might upgrade to a larger size while the one they had before is still in good shape. They figure they might need the mattress for a guest room one day. It seems a shame to just throw it away, but used mattresses are difficult to sell and most organizations don’t accept them as donations.

Other Belongings

Couches and chairs also are frequently put into storage with a company such as Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. Surveys generally don’t specify whether the chairs are upholstered or not, and whether any of the couches are sofa beds. Interestingly, dining room furniture is not mentioned as a common item that people move into a storage unit. Aside from furniture and seasonal belongings, books, tools and older kitchenware are often kept in storage. Anyone needing the extra space may contact us for pricing information.