Cleaning a wooden deck


There is little doubt that a wooden deck, either elevated or at ground level is an ideal addition to any home, it’s wonderful to step out of the house and slip into your favorite deck chair. When you use the deck frequently it gets soiled but at times it happens so slowly that it’s not noticeably to those that see it every day, but when a friend drops by and comments on the poor state of your deck, it’s time to consider deck cleaning in Wilkes Barre PA.

A deck can be cleaned in a number of ways but the two methods most commonly used are power washing and bleaching. The use of oxygenated bleach and water can be a lengthy process when compared with power washing but it does work.

Homeowners who have a power washer may not know the issues associated with power washing a wooden deck. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to actually scour the softer wood from the grain which results in a clean deck for sure, but one that looks worse than when cleaning was started. Power washing should be left to professionals and even then, deck cleaning in Wilkes Barre PA often accompanied by harmful chemicals.

Oxygen bleach is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide and soda ash and when mixed with water it dissolves into a solution which can be an effective cleaner. When oxygenated bleach is being used for deck cleaning, make sure the powder is completely dissolved, to ensure that this happens the solution needs to be mixed for at least five minutes if not more. When the mixture is completely dissolved there will be a thin layer of small bubbles on the top.

Once the mixture is correct, pour it on a section of the wooden deck, it has the appearance of soapy dishwater. Sit back and wait about five minutes for the oxygenated bleach to do its job, then using a scrub brush, clean the area thoroughly. Using this procedure; clean the entire deck, one small section at a time. If the deck has serious stains it may be necessary to consult with a professional to determine how they can be best removed.

Once the deck has been completely cleaned, rinse it thoroughly with running water and the job is completed. This method can also be used to clean sidewalks and patios.

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